Transform your organization into an intelligent enterprise.

What is DataGo?

DataGo provides real time reporting of data analytics and visualization through a KPI dashboard software that will inform, unite, and drive your company towards meaningful action.

Intelligent Insight

Using the most actionable info from your connected data sources, we create intuitive visualizations and reports giving you the insight you need to run your business in one holistic view.

Build a Data Culture

When the whole company has reliable, trustworthy answers--and analysts are no longer a bottleneck--everyone can answer their own questions and make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Transform Your Business

Enjoy a complete advanced analytics platform that brings data analysts and business users together to drive business transformation.

All Your Business Metrics In One Place

Track all of your social media, websites, marketing and sales, data all in one place, No more jumping between tools and custom views in unstructured data sources. Our curated UIs give you a single, comprehensive view of your entire stack—every change, every second, in full context.

Build KPI dashboards that are as unique as your business

No two businesses are the same. So why settle for canned dashboards that only capture generic metrics? 
we will help you to build unlimited dashboards that track the unique KPIs and metrics that actually drive your business forward. To get the numbers working for you, We will contact you personally to understand your Business, Industry landscaping, and The most important Metrics for your business.

Your Aha! moment awaits

Dive deeper into your data and utilize DataGo’s intuitive tools to slice and dice your results. Combine multiple datasets, filter by attribute, and segment by cohort to further analyze your business metrics and uncover meaningful insights.

Data always up to date

DataGo automatically keeps all of your data up to date and synced with your data warehouse. This means that If you make any adjustments or the historic data changes, you don’t have to sync these changes manually.

Personalized support

When using DataGo you’ll have unlimited access to a team of product specialists. We’re always on hand to help with the configuration and answer any questions you may have.

Saves time

Still logging into a plethora of applications to collect and track your business metrics? With DataGo, you can access and monitor all your KPI data in one place.

Every moment, the volume and the value of your organization’s data is growing. DataGo lets you take control, and take action. Transform your data into interactive, custom dashboards that are secure, informative, and engaging. Save time and resources by combining data from spreadsheets, databases and web APIs into an automated dashboard that everyone can understand (especially non-data people).

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